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Precision Brow Tweezer
Profi-Utensil für jede Art der Brauenpflege oder -formung

Perfection starts with the right tools.



Beautifully shaped eyebrows make all looks appear more groomed. A customised brow arch creates a harmonious frame for every face shape and provides that small but subtle difference!

The “Precision Brow Tweezer” is the right tool for this important part of Eyebrow Service and a new must-have for RefectoCil brand professionals.

The Precision Brow Tweezer is made of stainless steel and has an ergonomically perfect shape. The bevelled tip makes it easy to grip and remove even very short or fine hairs at the roots, which not only allows for the most precise work but also makes plucking faster and less painful.



Stainless steel for high material hardness and durability

Bevelled tip allows highest precision

Ergonomically perfect tweezer shape

Hand-ground gripping surfaces

Manufactured in cooperation with canal®, the specialist for high-quality professional instruments for manicures, pedicures and oral hygiene.

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